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"Neo Moai" at the Orinda Public Library

One of my large scale sculptures called "Neo Moai" will be on display from now until about December of 2016 at the Orinda Contra Costa Public Library in the hallway just outside of the auditorium. The sculpture will be in close proximity to work by a number of artists who I greatly admire including Glen Takai, Jeff Downing, Susannah Israel to name a few! This exhibition is part of the Orinda Arts Council's Art in Public Places Program. I highly recommend checking it out!

Neo Moai is inspired by the monumental human figure sculptures of Rapa Nui, called Moai. The people of Rapa Nui, (also known as Easter Island,) created monumental stone figure sculptures with large heads in proportion to their bodies. These figures were created in order to pay tribute to their ancestor gods and ensure future prosperity. Neo Moai is a depiction of what such a sculpture might look like if it were created for our contemporary society. The surface of this piece is adorned with objects and symbols of significance to our modern culture. This interactive exhibition invites the public to create written responses to the sculpture.

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