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NCECA 2016

Malia and I went to Kanas City for the National Conference on Education for Ceramic Art (NCECA) 2016. Got to check out some of the best art happening in the nation and the world for that matter! One big highlight for me was watching demonstrations by Trey Hill, his mentor Richard Notkin, Patty Warashina, and Lauren Grossman. Over course of two days these artists answered questions and told stories while building some totally bad ass sculptures. I had a chance to ask Notkin some questions pertaining to my YSA mural project as he is the master of sculptural tiles. Another exciting aspect of the conference was being able to meet and talk with other artists such as Clayton Keyes and Brett Kern who I have admired from a far. The world of ceramic art is big and exciting yet very open and intimate. It's a community that loves to share and support one another. Seeing what's out there really lets you know where your at. I've got a lot to do and a lot to learn and it's a beautiful journey. Here are some highlights:

With Malia and some Jun Kaneko Sculptures

Raging in Kansas Cities Power & Light district with the Neo Cali Clay crew!

Christa Assad teapot

George Timock

Peter Pincus

Tip Toland

Ariel Bowman

Richard Notkin

Susan Haris

Malia, Evan, Jackie, & Patrick

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