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Residency At The Palo Alto Art Center

Malia Landis, Matthew Goldberg and I have been working hard at our residency at the Palo Alto Art Center since June 23rd!

The residency is part of PAAC's celebration of 45 year of service to the Bay Area ceramic community which is called "45 Days of Clay". The event features workshops and an epic exhibition of some of the greatest ceramic work in California and beyond!! The Exhibition is titled "Monumental Clay" and run

s from June 18th to August 28th. It features Viola Frey, Peter Voulkos, Wanxin Zhang, Jun Kaneko, Tony Natsoulas, David Kuraoka, Shay Church, Jeff Downing, Bean Finneran and more!! The reception will take place on June 17th from 7pm - 10pm. It's a great honor to be included in this celebration with so many totally amazing artists who have had such a profound influence on the ceramic world and the art world at large.

Malia and I will be hosting a free workshop at PAAC on August 9th & 16th 6:30pm - 8:30pm on press-molding plants and sgraffito decoration.

To register contact Fanny Retsek;

For our sculptures Malia and I are focusing on native plants and animals of California. Malia is constructing boxes that containing small porcelain dioramas, while I'm constructing a large pedestal piece and a chair. I'm using the potters wheel to create a large column that will be the base of a coyote sculpture. I'm also using the wheel to create a chair. Both will be adorned with native California plants. Malia and I will be collaborating on all of our projects.

Below is a time lapse of the coil throwing process that I'm using as well as some images of work in progress.

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